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How do online gift cards work through BlendCard?

You are able to conveniently buy local gift cards online from the comfort of your home through BlendCard for yourself and other people! 

Here's how online gift cards work:

  1. Log into your account at If a business participates in online gift cards, their gift card column will be highlighted with a clickable button. Currently, the gift card balance is only good at that business location.
  2. Click on the highlighted gift card icon next to a participating business to select amount, quantity, and add to your cart. 
  3. If the gift card is for yourself, it loads to directly to your BlendCard.
  4. If it's for someone else, enter the recipient's email address, and we send an email prompting them to claim the gift card. 
  5. If the recipient has a BlendCard already, the gift card loads to the BlendCard already in their pocket. If they don't have a BlendCard yet, the new user registers, and we mail their new BlendCard with the balance already loaded on it!

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